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The following is a detailed list of all keybindings and controls currently used on Reborn Roleplay

Some controls can be set by assigning them to a custom control in the Arma 3 settings.

To do this ESC > Configure > Controls > Select Custom Controls from the "Show Dropdown Menu"

From there select the appropriate use action control and set it to the key of your choice, click ok then ok again to set the key.

Police, NHS Controls
Default Key Use Action Description
P - Opens/Closes doors and gates
E User Action 11 Locks/Unlocks vehicle (Police Vehicle Only)
/ (Numpad) Use Action 9 Activates the Police ANPR (Police Only)
F - Activates primary emergency sirens
Left Shift + F - Activates secondary emergency Sirens
Left Shift + L - Activates emergency lights
Left Shift + R - Handcuff player
Left Shift + K Use Action 2 Traffic Stop lights (All Vehicles)

General Controls
Default Key Use Action Description
Windows Key Use Action 10 Used for interacting with objects like vehicles, houses, ATMs, and restrained players
U - Locks/unlocks vehicle
B - Enables/disables seatbelt
Y - Opens virtual phone
T - Opens virtual inventory
O - Toggles full volume (Earplugs)
Insert - Force feed player
Spacebar Use Action 6 Jump
* (Numpad) Use Action 12 Opens warzone scoreboard
0 (Numpad Zero) Use Action 17 Consumes a monster energy
F11 - Toggle view distance (300m)

General Interaction Controls
Default Key Use Action Description
Shift + 5 Use Action 7 Activate panic button (Alerts gang members to your location)
Shift + 3 Use Action 16 Use virtual medpack
Shift + J - Place your hands above your head (Surrender)
Shift + R - Restrain player (Requires handcuffs)
Shift + B - Blindfold player (Requires blindfold)
Shift + G - Knock player down (Requires weapon)
Shift + L - Load player into car
Shift + H - Holster weapon
Shift + Numpad 2 - Nod head
Shift + Numpad 5 - Wave
Shift + Numpad 8 - Salute
Shift + Numpad 9 - Look at own ID card
Shift + F4 - Hide/unhide ID card
Shift + O - Lowers volume 10% (earplugs)
Ctrl + O - Increases volume 10% (earplugs)
Ctrl + R - Call NHS (When downed)
Ctrl + S - Suicide (When downed)
Ctrl + T - Self Tourniquet (When downed: Req Tier 2 medic talent and a tourniquet)
Alt + M - Opens filter map

Ground to Air Controls
Default Key Use Action Description
Alt + 1 - Instructs aircraft to leave the area
Alt + 2 - Instructs aircraft to land/ Boat to return to shore.