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Red Zones

Red zones are locations on Altis that are extremely hostile and home to the most dangerous gangs.

These zones are considered shoot on-site and means as soon as you pass the border you accept the risk of death!

Red Zone 1

Located at the southern penninsula

Red Zone 2

Located south east of Altis


When the server starts there will be no capture points on the island, 10 minutes into restart OG will spawn, it will stay there until it is captured.

Capturing is Synced for the whole gang (example below)
If gang A are capturing and they all leave the zone when they re-enter they will continue capturing from where they finished.
If gang A are capturing and they are on XX % completed, then gang B kill all of gang A, they need to de-capture the zone before capturing, so gang A has time to re-gear and come back.
Once captured, the capture point will disappear, then 15 minutes later a new one will appear, it is random between OG, Church, Mushroom and the Oil field Dam.

Capturing the point rewards:

  • 5% of the money people get from selling virtual items goes into gang funds. 10% on half price
  • 5% of the money people spend on weapons goes into gang funds. 10% on half price.
  • 5% of the money people spend on vehicles goes into gang funds. 10% on half price
  • 10% cheaper vehicles
  • 10% cheaper weapons
  • 10% cheaper clothe
  • 40k paycheck.
  • Base not in RedZone (Gang Base 4)
  • More XP

You will keep these rewards until someone captures the next cap point, so if you are the current winners when the new one appears you will still have your rewards until someone else takes a point.

Current Cartel Capture Points


OG Cap point


Church Cap point


Mushroom Cap point


Dam Cap point

How to Capture a Point

  • You must have a weapon equipped (no unarmed hobos sorry)
  • You must be within the darker red circle marked on the map to capture a point
  • There must be no opposing gangs/factions within the capture point for you to be able to capture the zone
  • You must wait inside the circle until the progress bar "Claiming Area" has reached 100%, then the point will be captured.


To win the warzone the participating gangs/factions must reach 200 points. Once the point requirement has been met, the gang/faction in 1st place will win the same amount of money they earned while fighting the warzone.

How to Capture a Point

  • You must have a primary weapon equipped ( secondary weapon will not count).
  • You must be within the darker red circle marked on the map to capture a point.
  • Kill someone from another gang which will lose them a point and gains you one.
  • Beholding a capture point then after one minute, you will get two points or more dependant on the number of people in the capture area.

NEW Primary point (as from the 29/10/2020)

  • Each warzone will have a "primary point" within the warzone its self, this is much a smaller zone than the rest of the zones within the warzone area, that primary point will awards the player 2x the money whilst captured, same at the rest of the larger points the more people you have in the zone , the less money you will make.

How to lose points

  • You lose points when you die or one of your gang members dies within the inner darker circle.

How to get money

  • You get a set amount of money per kill relative to how many people are on the server when the warzone spawns.
  • At the end of the warzone if you are alive in the zone then you will get money to your bank account. You must be in the zone though.


  • You can press the '*' (star) on your num pad to check the points level.
  • The money will go straight to your bank account rather than cash in hand.
  • If you are fighting once the warzone is over you may finish your fight for a short period of time, do not start a new fight.