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Reborn Roleplay offers civilian players to compete every week to own the gang base located within the redzone.

Each base offers the following

  • Spawn Point
  • Clothing, Weapon, Equipment & Market Access
  • Vehicle Shop & Spawn

One gang base is located within the Red Zone so you can (and probably will) be shot on sight, Whilst The other is located by the HM Prison Which can be won by controlling and capturing the cartel [More Details Below].


Gang bidding is fun although a serious time of the day. Here you and your mate can fight how much or less you want. However, to maximize the experience for our players we have to add some simple rules.
So before you head out in the fight read through the rules stated under.

General Rules

  • RDM - all RDM is allowed in the red zone.
  • All Land Vehicle to Land Vehicle contact is allowed in the red zone.
  • You are NOT permitted to what so ever block the bid sign at any time.

Police Rules

  • You can not bid on a base
  • Not permitted to own a gang that is bidding on bases
  • You can only play as rebel or police for the whole restart no switching
  • Max 10 on-duty cops are permitted to go into RedZone during the gang-war (TFU have the priority)
  • While gang-wars is running, there will be 2 extra NPAS slots available. This means that in total 12 cops are allowed to be seen in the red zone.
 However, this does not mean that the NPAS slots can be used as normal police slots.

Gang Base 1


Current Owners: Desire (Updated 26/09/2021)

This Gang Base Is Located within the redzone.
The most popular time to fight for a gang base is during gang base night which takes place every Saturday between the 8pm-12am restart
The winning bid is the highest bid amount at the time the server restarts and that gang will have the base when the server comes back up.

How to bid for a base

To place a bid for a base follow these simple steps:

  1. Simple walk up to the bid sign, there will be 3 signs inside the compound (1 vehicle and 1 helicopter), make sure you walk up to the correct one.
  2. Look at the sign and use scroll menu (scroll on the mouse)
  3. Now a menu called "bid for base" will pop up, while selected that menu press space.
  4. A new menu should pop up with a button saying "BID" press that one.
 The money will be taken from your organization's funds which can be found on the phone.
Organisation Funds


The pricing is a little bit more complex, if you are the first one to bid on that base, you will have to pay 1 million. However, if you are the second gang to bid you will have to pay the one million-plus one more.
For every bid on the base, the price will go up with one million.
If someone else bids on the base (that you had the last bid on), your "bided" money will be sent back to your gang funds. You do only "lose" (spend) the money if you where the last one to bid before the server restart.


  • You need to be in an organisation to bid
  • You cannot bid without a primary weapon
  • You cannot bid if you are part of the Police

Gang Base(Cartel)


This gang base is located by HM Prison.
To win this gang base you will need to capture and protect the cartel.
For more details Click Here