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Welcome to this making guide, this guide is aimed at getting new players a bit of money to have fun, it might seem a bit boring and wont teach you everything you need to know about altis life! It will however teach you how to make a bunch of money! As a final reminder, this is solely about making money really fast rather than having so much fun :(

Some things to know

  • Firstly, read the rules, go to and read the server rules, they are pretty simple but if you don't understand any then feel free to go onto our TeamSpeak (TS.REBORNRP.COM) and join the top support channel where a member off our staff team will come and help you with whatever you need!
  • Next, the content of this guide consists of illegal activity, this means you can be stopped by the police. You can also be robbed by rebels so we advise doing this at a time when the server is less busy if you are new but its not the end of the world if you get robbed so really it does not matter what time you do this that much :)


  • When you first load into the game you will see a spawn screen with the option to spawn at either Kavala or Athira, select Athira.
  • Press 'M' to open your map then shift-click on the car shop. Follow the on-screen marker to get to the car shop. Once you are there you will see an ATM, use your windows key while looking at the atm to open the option menu, bear in mind this is the main interaction key through the whole server and is used for many things. Withdraw _K.
  • Keep in mind this is cash on hand so it can now be robbed from you so be careful, bearing this in mind go over to the clothing shop on your map (you can use your shift click market to find it again) and get a carryall backpack. Now go to the licence shop, under DVLA purchase a drivers licence.
  • Run back to the car shop and on the sign scroll wheel and rent a truck for 10K, you will need to get this money out at an ATM again. Renting means that the truck is yours until the server restarts, the server restats at 4, 8 and 12 AM and PM GMT so try and do this guide at the start of a server restart so you have enough time.


  • This is the illegal bit so press 'Y' on your phone and under settings turn off 'carry ID', you can also press 'Shift + F4' todo this=, this means if you deny that the vehicle is yours and don't say your name then the police can't take your vehicle away forever, you should always hide your ID. Another tip is if you flip your vehicle press windows key while looking at it and click unflip.
  • Press U to unlock your vehicle and near the top right of the map you should see something called frog swamp, set your marker there and drive to it.
  • Look at the ground and press windows key to start collecting frog legs. If you see others there try explaining that you are friendly and brand new to the island, many players will help new players out.
  • When it tells you your backpack is full stop holding down windows key and look at your vehicle, press T to open up your vehicle inventory and transfer all of your frog legs into it. Fill up your backpack again and repeat this until your backpack and vehicle are both full up.
  • Once you get to multidrug processor inside the church scroll wheel on the sign and click turn into LSD, this is the stuff that can be taken by the police! Convert all of your frog legs to LSD.
  • Now that you have done this drive again up to North East Drug Dealer, this is where you turn your LSD into profit! Scroll wheel on the sign and sell all of your LSD, you have now made £210,000 in theory, you may have made a bit more or less but it's still a lot of money for a new player.
  • As you now don't have anything illegal on you you are safe from the police if the police ask you how you got the money never tell them it was through drug runs, makeup and RP story.
  • Drive to the garage in Sofia with the green ATM market on it, run inside and store your cash. You are now safe!
  • Repeat this four times and you should have around £630,000.

Section Two

  • You will no longer be renting a truck so you can do this at any time so if you feel like doing this after having a break then that's ok. - If you do log out of the server though make sure to hide your ID again when you come back.
  • In Sofia get £120,000 out of the ATM and go to the licence shop, purchase a truck licence under the DVLA section.
  • Use your rented truck or another means to get down to Sofia, find an ATM in Sofia and withdraw £375,000, drive to Stodars truck shop just outside of pygros and scroll wheel on the sign inside the wherehouse, make sure you buy not rent a hemmtt box truck. This will be yours forever unless another rebel cuts it.
  • Now do a few more drug runs (LSD runs) in your hemmtt box, as it is so much bigger than your mini truck you will make alot more money!

Good Luck

  • You should now have enough money to do things around the island,. when you find yourself wanting more money you can just do this again!