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This guide is aimed at people who are new to reborn and want to get some money! It will use a mixture of legal and illegal ideas but if you are in police then you don't need to make money as your gear is free so not being able to do illegal things is all good!

- If you want a total guide on making money from scratch and don't care about anything else follow this:

- This is another great guide on how to get started in Reborn Altis Life:

Starting out


Go to the license shop in Kavala or any other city and buy a drivers licence, now go to the car shop nearby and buy an offroad.

You will need to have £4000 on you (in cash) to buy the drivers licence. - There is an ATM at the end of the road in Kavala Greenzone.

Peach / Apple Runs

You can now do either peach or apple runs, it does not matter which one as they both earn you the same amount of money, you may want to do apple runs though as they are further off the main road so you are less likely to be robbed doing them.

Go to the apple/peach field and walk right to the middle and press and hold your windows key, do this until it shows your inventory is full. Then walk over to your car and press 'T' and click on your apple/peach and click transfer all.

Repeat this till your inventory and car are full.


Now take all of this to the snacks processor, here go up to the sign and click middle mouse button and click make snacks. Once you have converted it all to snacks put them back in your car and repeat until everything on you and in your car is a snack.

You can now go back to Kavala and go to the Market Store and sell them to make a profit.

This whole process can then be repeated until you have enough money to buy a trucking licence.


Buy a trucking licence from the DVLA store, you do not need a truck.

Then go down to the Kavala freight yard and go to the sign, use your middle mouse button and play with the factors till you find a trucking mission you like.

Illegal runs will pay more but the police also get a notification when and where an illegal mission has been started (Although, in all my time in the police, I have never seen anyone respond to this) so don't worry about this. The main issue with illegal runs is that the cash comes straight to your hand so you can get robbed.

Repeat the trucking missions until you have enough money to go to the DVLA and buy an LSD licence.

Profitable Illegal Run


This is an illegal run but is the best run in the game for making money. If your new try to do this when there are few people on the server as you may get robbed. You must hide your ID when doing this (Shift + F4), this means the police can not crush your vehicle as they don't know it's you that owns it. They can still seize it for the restart though so don't be surprised if it's not back in your garage straight away.

Pull out your offroad and drive it to frog swamp, then in the same way you collected apples/peaches collect frog legs.

Drive to the multidrug processor and once you're there in the same way you processed your snacks earlier do the same and convert it into LSD.

Finally, go to the northeast drug dealer and sell your LSD for a big profit. You should make around 100K per run of LSD, this will take a bit long right now as you are doing it in an offroad but once you have a helicopter a mill can be made in around 10 min!

There is an ATM in Sofia so store your cash there.

Repeat this process till you can buy a Pilot licence and a Mowhalk, then you can be rich in the space of 10 mins!

Although this sometimes you don't want to get spotted by cops so you can process your LSD at LSD processor near Athira then sell at either Pablos (Kavala) or Fabios (Athira), these each give you less money respectively though.

Gaining XP

Why is gaining XP so important in making money?

Gaining XP is extremely important in gaining/saving more money throughout your longterm journey on the Reborn. Having XP can make weapons and vehicles cheaper and if you're someone that enjoys to partake in the combat related side of the game, saving 25% on weapons will save you a lot of money. You will gain level unlocks once you've earned enough XP to progress and in this guide I shall supply you with some great ways to make the XP quickly. Once you've upgraded all of the money making/saving skills such as Bartering, Dodgy dealer, legal dealer etc you will make/save lot's of money.

Example of how dodgy dealer will increase your wealth

Without dodgy dealer in a Hemmtt box selling LSD you will make £1,364,125 With dodgy dealer in a Hemmtt box selling LSD you will make £1,705,156 That is an extra £341,031!

Joining the AAA

Joining the AAA is a great way of mixing things up and keeping yourself fresh on the island whilst at the same time giving you some great RP related events and the XP rewards are second to none. When you fix objects such as Walls, bollards, bushes, trees and signs you gain 50XP per object you fix aswell as a £3000 reward. This will all add up over time, I shall give an example... If you were to fix objects down the main road out of Kavala at a busy time when these objects are being destroyed frequently and let's say you fix 100 objects...

100 x 50XP = 5000XP 100 x £3000 = £300,000

This may seem like it would take a while to do, but on a busy period and sometimes less busy periods this would take less than 30 minutes. The money is a bonus, the XP and RP is what you're after here.

Gunpowder runs

Gunpowder is legal and is a relatively safe run to do inorder to make a great amount of money and is the best run to make XP. A sterotypical run with a bergen backpack and a hemmett box will make you £1,127,531 in money and 3464XP This run will probably take you roughly 30 minutes.

Guides that may be useful for new players

Please click on the following links if you need help on any of the following things. By clicking the link, it'll take you to the relevant guide to help you.

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