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The Reborn Wikipedia is a place where you can view everything Reborn Roleplay has to offer, this website keeps up to date with all the latest information in regards to the server. If you ever need to verify some information, this is the place to be! The wiki team is run by the Reborn staff team but other contributors are welcome. At this time, applications for the Wiki team are closed and will be announced when we're in need of more members.

How Does It Work?

Our wiki is really simple and easy to use, all you require is to know what you're looking for. (E.g; If you would like to know about Civilian Jobs, go to Civilian > Civilian Jobs and there it displays all the information regarding that subject.) If you're new to the community, we personally recommend that you read the sections that show rules and information regarding whitelisted factions.

I See A Section Uncompleted!

The wiki is still under development, please be patient whilst our team makes changes every day for it to be perfect just for you! In the meantime, if the wiki can't answer a question that you're unsure about, please contact Community Support+ depending on your issue.

Reborn Roleplay Links

Official support is provided from Community support, Developers, Admins, Staff leads, Management and Founders. We will NEVER ask for your password or any kind of personal information. Please be wise when accepting support from other members.
If someone is impersonating a member of Staff or posing to be another member within the Community, please report it to Staff immediately.