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Warzone is one of the PVP elements of reborn. It is where gangs from across the island compete in combat to hold the objective or "Points". Each time the server restarts WZ will be available it will only start however when there are 40+ players and the server has been up for at least 40 mins, there will then be a 5-minute warning displayed for all people to see, you will then see this message. Warzone has begun.png
it will then spawn at a randomly selected point on the map.


Warzone is not only for a break from roleplaying it is also a way to profit and make money, although you will have to spend money buying loadouts it is a viable way to make a profit.
Every 1 minute you will receive a paycheck for holding the point. The minimum you can get is 70K (every 1 minute) this, however, will be split between any of your gang members that are holding the point with you.
The more players on the server the more money you will get per tick (Every 1 min) at 1.75k per player.
Warzone paycheck.png
(Don't Worry the paycheck will be higher than this)

You will also gain 2 points for every tick (1 minute) that pass, as seen from the image above.
The first gang that reaches 200 points will win the WZ and will revive a lump sum of money into gang funds.
Other ways you can earn/lose points are as follows:
Killing someone that is inside one of the WZ points (+1 Point)
Dying inside a Warzone point (-1 Point)

Warzone Spawns

Combat should only take place inside the Red Circle which is KOS

Other Information

Other things to note about WZ are as follows:
You will only gain rewards (Money and points per tick) if you outnumber the enemy gang on point.
This means if you are the only member on a WZ point and an enemy enters the same WZ point it Will become contested and you won't gain any rewards per tick.
This is because it is contested between the two of you.
There is a leader board which you can make use of to see your WZ points as well as other gangs WZ points.
To access this you need to press the * key on Numpad. (This will only work while WZ is Running)
To Rebind this key you will need to change "Use Action 12"