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Server Zones

Green Zones

Green zones are safe areas on the map that allow players to buy basic gear/supplies, roleplay and relax without the fear of being robbed or killed

Police are permitted to detain/arrest you inside the green zone and if necessary use LTL force (rubber bullets)

Temporary Green Zones
Temporary green zones are the same as a regular green zone with the exception that they are only active during certain Warzone spawns, and can be located in the following locations

- North Rebel
- North Peninsula Rebel
- South West Rebel
- North East Rebel

Server Rules

10.4 This is a safe area marked in Green. No killing, shooting, or crime of any kind is permitted in this zone (apart from speeding).

10.5 You cannot retreat to green zones for safety. Police are still allowed to use non-lethal force in this area but should provide roleplay prior to engaging! Who doesn’t love a good foot chase?

10.6 You are not permitted to store illegal guns/items in a house inside the green zone

10.7 You are not permitted to store your vehicles in the green zone while you are selling items other than apples and peaches.

Blue Zones

The Blue Zones are the police's safe haven. In this area, Police are gearing up for the streets and processing criminals. You may flee to this zone however you are not allowed to commute illegal activity in it.

The Blue zone rules are:

  • 10.8 - This area is marked in Blue. Anyone is permitted to retreat to a blue zone, this is a police station and anyone should be able to seek the protection of the police, rebels are not permitted to chase them in there to get their friends back, same as the green zone no killing, shooting or crime of any kind is permitted in this zone, if rebels want to attack request it from an admin (you need valid reasoning, not just "we want too").
  • 10.9 - Any officers found abusing the blue zone will be banned for exploiting. - e.g. running in and out for a gun fight
  • 10.10 - When the police zone turns orange you are not longer permitted to crush/impound/store vehicles or send people to prison in that HQ until it turns back to blue.
  • 10.11 - You must have a valid reason to start an assault on the Police Headquarters, such as (but not limited to); - Reclaiming organisation vehicles that the police have taken - Freeing members of your organisation from questioning/police custody This is not an option purely because you want a gunfight with police. Police must not block entrances and must leave any lockable door/gate unlocked. All police defending the PD must be inside the zone. Rebels attacking must only shoot from inside the zone once it goes red. NLR does apply to a HQ raid for both parties. You may not return.
  • 10.12 - When a war zone spawns over a blue zone (I.e. Pyrgos Blue zone) All Redzone/War zone rules will be in effect and will overrule blue zone rules. This will apply until the War zone has ended (any current combat in a blue zone MUST stop immediately)

Red Zones

Red Zones are the "PVP" area of reborn, all Red Zones are Kill on-site for all rebels/Police. Red Zones can have many different objectives ongoing. The majority of Red Zones are PVP killing other rebels or police, some areas are the cartel areas, Fight for a gang base every 15 minutes for gear at a reduced price, supply drop, foreign rebel creates with a huge reward of rare weapons inside, and finally War Zone, This area is a huge portion of the map dedicated to shooting rebels in order to make huge amounts of money.

Some of the redzone rules are:

  • Ground vehicle to ground vehicle VDM is allowed.
  • NLR does not apply.
  • It is KOS.

Yellow Zones

This area is for the Altis Prison. An area attackable by rebels and also gives police another area to send people to prison.

The yellow zone rules are:

  • 10.3 - This is not a KOS zone, a clear initiation must happen before any shooting takes place. Air vehicles that are clearly hostile and are attempting to land in the Yellow Zone will be disabled.

Orange Zones

Orange zone appears when a police raid is happening. Rebels can activate a police raid if something of there's has been taken by police and they want it back. Keep in mind this area will become a Red Zone and KOS will be allowed.

The Orange zone rules are:

  • 10.10 - When the police zone turns orange you are not longer permitted to crush/impound/store vehicles or send people to prison in that HQ until it turns back to blue.